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Ardbeg Uigeadail

Seaweed, leather, blood and raisins

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@yossiyitzakReview by @yossiyitzak

5th Sep 2009


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I picked up this bottle mainly out of peer pressure. My peat head buddies and twitter friends love it. Every blog I read has nothing but good things to say so hey, I picked up a bottle.

Initial whiff - Huntington Beach circa 1981, low tide, me on a boogie board falling face forward in a pile of rotting seaweed. This was not a fun memory. 2nd whiff, same thing with a little sweetness. Last whiff, my sister's suede jacket after a Bon Jovi concent, 1988 with a 7-11 big gulp slushy sweetness.

On the mouth -- sweet smoke, iodine, salt, cigarette butts and raisins. Smooth for the ABV

Finish, nice, long, smokey and sweet.

This is not an every day dram for me. Have to be in the mood. Like the A'bdunah, I think this is one to drink when pissed off. I will say, this has to be one of the most complex drops I've ever sniffed/tested.

In the right mood, this is a 10 star dram for me. Tonight, it's an 8 star.

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yossiyitzak commented

Update -- My wife, in her wisdom said that this dram smells like a Smart Dog Veggie Dog. I can actually taste it! What a great nose on her! Must make sure I keep wearing deodorant.

9 years ago 0

manningsmith commented

Love your review! Agree that this could be a drink to have when angry. It's not a small drink for sure. Your review forced me to pour a dram for comparison.Definitely iodine/seaweed at first, then leather, raisins, plum, fig, and tar. it's wonderful. very long smoky, oily and acidic finish. blood and raisins.

9 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

Very emotive review. Looks like it's fight night!

9 years ago 0

paulrpotts commented

I LOL'ed at "my sister's suede jacket after a Bon Jovi concent" -- hilarious and spot on!

9 years ago 0

Carl commented

Great review! I bought my bottle mostly because of all the rave reviews. Must admit, after the first shot I don't know quite what to make of it. The sherry is a lot stronger that I imagined, and so is the alcohol, but the sweetness of the sherry is overcome by something, which I guess is the smoke and peat, but hard to define. The smoke and peat were really apparent when I opened the bottle,much like the Laphroaig QC, but after I poured it, the smoke and peat seemed to disappear. One thing for sure, this is probably the most powerful whisky I have tried. I am not disappointed in the least that I got it, and will eagerly await the next surprise! Cheers, Carl

7 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

It's more Quiet Riot than Bon Jovi, obviously. Duh.

3 years ago 0

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