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Ardbeg Uigeadail

Temperamental but worth it

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16th Jul 2011


Ardbeg Uigeadail
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Served neat, cut and uncut. The pour is a little bit darker than the Ten and the Corryvreckan. Widely spaced, weak tears. Nose is much more spicy alcohol than the Ten or Corryvreckan. Almost as hot in the nose as Supernova.

Nose (uncut): Lots of ginger and Christmas spice. Mulled cider comes to mind. As it opens up I get coconut curry. Maybe very subdued smolder and fireplace. Smoke is nearly absent on this one. Toasted cherrywood. Spicy citrus and potpourri. New leather comes to mind, but a little too much spicy alcohol burn at 50% abv+. It is obviously complex, but it is tough to get all the complexities out with any water added.

Nose (cut): With water, the aroma becomes more grapefruit rind heavy with white grapes and gold raisins. Baked raisins and black cherries in some sort of dessert. Actually, quite delicious. Smoke is pretty much absent.

Taste (uncut): Very sharp and spicy alcohol with mild burn. Lots of wood tannins and heavy Christmas spices: cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg. A little oily and nutty.

Taste (cut): Loses the heat and focuses pine, cedar, black cherries and raisins. Very nice wintertime Scotch.

Palate: Lightly viscous. Finishes with soft burn and mulling spice.

Overall, one meant to be appreciated and takes a lot of time to understand. Much harder to decipher than Ardbeg Ten or Corryvreckan and with more rewards to the patient than Supernova.

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666ppm commented

80 points for Uigeadail? Wow, you must be a real Ardbeg hater ;-)

12 years ago 0

GT2 commented

Haha- actually, I find that the more I drink this, the more I like it. Definitely not as easy to love as Corryvreckan, but it has some hidden secrets that take a lot of time to appreciate.

12 years ago 0

Carl commented

Well, I finally got a bottle. I agree that this is a very difficult whisky to figure out! It is expensive here at Vancouver, cheapest is $134. Had my first drink last night. When I opened the bottle and nosed it, I got the smoke and peat just like Laphroaig. After I poured it, the smoke and peat seemed to disappear, and I was left with a sherry taste, but the usual sherry sweetness was not there, I think because of the smoke and peat. Strong but not at all unpleasant alcohol bite to it. Still prefer my Laphroaig Quarter Cask. But this is a real difficult one to judge, so I will leave it for a few days and have another shot. I have to say, somehow it does taste like a very refined and expensive whisky. Don't know quite how to explain it, but that was my reaction. Very glad I did get a bottle, if nothing else it will be interesting to see my reaction as I get through the bottle. Definitely one of the most interesting whiskies I have tried. And I must say that I do not regret having purchased this bottle.

12 years ago 0

GregLogan commented

I am assuming 666ppm was writing in a fit of sardonic laughter....

12 years ago 0