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22nd Feb 2013


Ardbeg Uigeadail
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Color: gold.

Nose: this is ashier and peatier than the Lagavulin, but it shares that whisky's sweet, floral undertones. Not as sweet to me as others have reported though. Mostly this nose is very savory. I pick up smoked cheeses and salted sardines (my wife says bacon). Nothing overwhelming. Very balanced. Water brings out a little grapefruit.

Body: full-bodied with a bite.

Palate: lots of smoke. Probably the smokiest Scotch I've ever tasted. I actually choked on it with my first sip. After I adjust, I'm able to pick up more of the sweetness but still covered in smoke. Something like s'mores. Burnt marshmallow and chocolate.

Finish: billows of smoke to the end with notes of chocolate and coffee.

This whisky is an experience; not a passive drink. Honestly, I think it'll take a few drams before I really discover all it has to offer. The smoke is so heavy, it takes some work to move through it to the other flavors, and with the ABV as high as it is, doing the work before you fall asleep is a challenge! I really enjoyed this, and given some time, I may end up ranking it higher. But at the moment, I rank it even with the Laphroaig Quarter Cask (which is no insult).

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MCM commented

Yes, more drams and discover away!

11 years ago 0

AKGcandlefish commented

Ok, I've just bumped this one up a few. It finally broke for me. It took a few drams before I detected much below the smoke, but it finally mellowed out for me. This really is a Scotch with tons of character.

11 years ago 0

cheeserandyburg commented

Yum, yum and more yum! Reading this got me drooling. Talisker isn't smokey enough for me, and Lagavulin is next on the pick-up list later this year. Hopefully after that I'll give this one a try, it sounds delicious. I'm wondering how this would compare with the regular 10 year old from Ardbeg in terms of smoke/peat. If you ever pick up the 10 year old, it would be cool to see a comparison between them.

11 years ago 0