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Ardbeg Uigeadail

I'll be coming back to Islay

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@AlexswedenReview by @Alexsweden

21st Oct 2014


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I have never been too big on peated whiskys. This has now changed... The Ardbeg Uigeadail offers quite a trip. Big, exquisit flavors and really alot going on.

The color of this particular batch is quite light, golden wheat.

Nose: Very interesting. I get leather, peat smoke, sligtly bitter dark sugar, manure and moss.
Some time in the glass really allows the sweeter notes to develop and after about 15 minutes i get christmas pudding, a hint of maple syrup, toffe. With water it gets even more sweet. Sweet licorice and perhaps the sherry comes through a bit. Water takes the edge of the nose, its not alcoholic but quite strong given the high ABV.

Palate: Warming, Oily, old seasoned leather, licorice, peat smoke, sweet dark treacle. As with the nose the sweeter notes develop after some time out in the air. With water the sweet licorice comes through quite alot, almost anise.

Finish: The smoke is evident from the get-go and really builds up but there is alot more going on. I find leather, unspecified sweetness - treacle?, tobacco. The finish is quite complex and the character changes a couple of times. It really lingers on for a very long time. After awhile i notice something almost like grilled pork.

Now I know you are all very interested in the batch number to be able to identify this particular bottle. It was bought in Sweden and the batch nr. is L14 094 0905 6ML.

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Benancio commented

@Alexsweden Once you go to Islay you always go back. Great scotch. Glad to hear its still has it. If I add water to an Ardbeg, for me it seems diminishes the amount of smoke it delivers. I almost never add water to any of my whiskeys. Nice review.

5 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

I like to take my whisky without water too but when tasting I think it adds a dimension to the review. But I prefer the Uigeadail as well as my other whiskys without.

5 years ago 0

Jules commented

Hi Alex - I'm curious, if you are not generally keen on the peaty malts, in what way was this Uigeadail different enough to make you like it?

And what is it about peated Whisky you normally don't enjoy...?

5 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

@Jules , Actually it is more a case of me never having had the chance to get to appreciate a real quality peated whisky in the right company.

Firstly, it had always seemed something essentially different from unpeated whisky. Something that was perhaps out of my reach to enjoy. strangely enough since i really appreciate smoked foods in general.

Secondly, None of my whisky comrades have been particularly keen on peated stuff so the only times I've had run-ins with it previously has been in the practical joke kinda way.

Finally I decided that it was perhaps foolish to limit my experiences to basically one half of the spectrum so I opted for something well spoken of and took a leap of faith. In retrospect I'm very happy I did

5 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

What better way to spend sunday afternoon than to revisit an old favourite and having a look-see what has changed.

This bottle of Uigeadail has been open since mid october so it's been aerating for about 8 months. The smoke is subdued but it is still there. Accompanied by thick tarry licorice, Heather, manure and the treacle it is still very powerful.

It feels like they've taken a regular peated whisky and condensed it! Everything is thick. Thick flavours, thick texture,thick mouthfeel and a thick, viscuos liquid in the glass. Truly a stellar spirit

4 years ago 0

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