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Auchentoshan 11 Year Old Malts of Scotland (Fulldram X-mas)

Pear Syrup

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

3rd May 2011


Auchentoshan 11 Year Old Malts of Scotland (Fulldram X-mas)
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The full details first: Auchentoshan 1999/2010 11 Year old Malts of Scotland, Fulldram X-mas, oloroso hgshd #2412, 186 bts. The Belgian whisky club Fulldram bottled this oloroso hogshead last Christmas. It was filled with Auchentoshan in 1999 and was sleeping peacefully in the cellars of Malts of Scotland when it was discovered. The whisky has a wonderful, deep bronze color. Only 186 bottles were obtained. I'm glad to have one of them in my collection.

Do you know Waffles of Liege? Thin waffles served with dark pear syrup. That's very prominently present on the nose, together with brown sugar, prunes, raisins on rum, baked appels and baked banana, balsamico, almonds and cinnamon. Amazing sherry nose. Being A Toshan Man, this makes my heart swell. A-ma-zing!

On the palate too, it starts very sweet and syrupy. Candied fruits, nuts, but also a bitter (but not oaky) touch of wood, clove and real Italian espresso. Quality stuff, this!

The finish remains sweet and very spicy until the - literally - bitter end!

What a majestic Auchentoshan! And at relative young age, too. Good cask selection by the boys and girls of the Fulldram whisky club.

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Victor commented

Mark, sounds quite yummy! My one question, is the bitterness on the palate and into the finish somehow integrated with the other flavours or is it distracting from them?

13 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

Victor, it is indeed quite yummy. When I wrote bitter (but not oaky), I meant that it is well-integrated and making the dram very well balanced. Not distracting at all (if it were, it wouldn't be getting this amazing score).

13 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

May the 4th be with you @markjedi1 (sorry couldn't resist)

13 years ago 0