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Auchentoshan 18 Year Old

Systemdowns and Markjedi's Blame #2

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

16th May 2012


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So when we'd last left our young hero he'd bought and tried a Auchentoshan sampler set consisting of the 12 yr old, the 18 yr old and the Three Wood.

Our young hero had bought this set when he learned after informing his friend from Connosr, Systemdown, that he was going to purchase some sample bottles so that he could take part in a trade with said friend, that Dan Murphy's had gift packs of Auchentoshan for sale.

Our hero had read for months reviews from Markjedi, also of Connosr, about Auchentoshan whiskies and Markjedi's passion for this distillery.

After purchasing this gift pack he tried the 12 yr old and while finding it good, felt it was lacking a little bit.

We now find our young hero shortly after he has tried the 18 yr old Auchentoshan.

So our young hero is with his young wife and they're watching the second to last episode of House. One of their favorite shows. Now this is a touching episode (Spoiler alert!) because House's best friend, Dr. Wilson, has terminal cancer and has only five months to live. House must learn to come to terms with this, as does his team and Dr. Wilson.

This is a very sad and touching episode with tears and laughter even in all the right places.

Sounds really good right?

You'd be wrong.

Because of Auchentoshan 18 yr old.

That's right. Auchentoshan ruined the second to last episode of House for our young hero.

Why? You might ask?

Because it's nose is too damn seductive!

Our young hero nosed his glencairn for over an hour, seriously over an hour, before taking a single sip.

Now it started with the cut grass, which did worry our hero, but he was patient and slowly, but surely he was rewarded.

The nose developed into apples, pears, caramel, then caramel apples with a hint of creme brulee. Very very nice.

Finally after some exasperated looks from his wife, our young hero takes a sip. The flavor and feel of the night before crosses his tongue, but better, much better.

The flavors that our hero experiences is once again the cut grass, but this time with some sweetness, honey and vanilla, with some oak following up behind.

The finish is medium to long with oak and sultanas and a hint of apples and pears, just on the tip of the horizon.

Mouth feel is still feeling quite thin, even at 43% abv. Leading our hero to believe that he would love to see this whisky at around 50% abv.

Our heroes wife preferred the 12 yr old over the 18 yr old, while our hero vastly enjoyed the 18 yr old.

This leaves our hero with a problem, because after an online search of all his Australian liquor store sites he was unable to find the 18 Auchentoshan whatsoever.

Tomorrow night our hero will get a chance to taste the Auchentoshan Three Wood!


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systemdown commented

Hahah nice one! I've been noticeably absent the last week or so, glad you got to tasting these. Don't blame me! The 18 yo actually sounds rather good, I'm yet to try it AND I still haven't gotten around to the 'toshan sampler, but soon. Got 5 new samples with my latest shipment (yeah that one that got slugged at customs) so that will keep me busy.

The Three Wood is very nice.. I'm sure you will (are) finding it favourable!

8 years ago 0

SquidgyAsh commented

Thanks System! I'm thinking that I'll get around to buying all the samples from the SMSWhisky site over here then I'll move either to MoM or TWE and finish out those that look interesting to me.

I'm enjoying the Three Wood very much, makes me want to purchase a full bottle since I think this might be a bottle that oxidation and time to open up will really benefit.

After the Three Wood's review I have a very special line up hahaha!

8 years ago 0

Pudge72 commented

It sounds like the hero of this review could be a sidekick for Toshan Man! :)

The 18 is definitely on my wishlist, though it is not currently available in Ontario (it disappeared several months ago). All that remains at the LCBO is the 12, the Three Wood (in limited #'s), the rapidly disappearing Valinch, and a couple bottles of a 16 yo Hart Brothers bottling.

I am with you on the abv. I would love to see the entire standard line go to 46% (I'd be ok with the necessary upward price adjustment), and it would be nice if they ditched the caramel colouring (the cost savings of not having to use e150 could help moderate the aforementioned price hike). A good product would become great!

8 years ago 0

SquidgyAsh commented

Agreed Pudge. No more caramel coloring and raise the ABV. I'd happily pay oh $100 AUS for a bottle of this 18 yr old, although I'm sure it'll run me more. The nose kept developing as did the flavor profile. Very yummy stuff!

They do have the 16 yr old Hart Brothers over here, not sure how good it is, but the Valinch looks good!

8 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

A sidekick for Toshan Man? The Robin to my Batman (to stay in the hero theme)? Nice! :) Glad you like this one, SquidgyAsh.

8 years ago 0

SquidgyAsh commented

Yes I shall be your sidekick Toshan Man!!! As long as you share your whisky and I can share mine :D:D:D:D

8 years ago 0

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