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Auchentoshan Battlehill 10yr

Long, sharp and harsh

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@jwiseReview by @jwise

21st Jan 2011


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This was my first foray into the Lowland Region. I bought this bottle last year when I was exploring the different whisky regions, and it is still nearly full. I suppose that tells you how much I have enjoyed this dram!

Nose: Vanilla, overwhelmed by a strong alcohol smell. VERY 'spirity'. Malty notes. Nose tingle. Sharp citrus. Harsh.

Body: AUGH! Sharp citrus. Painfully so.

Palate: It has the finish of Everclear, or some cheap grain alcohol. Sharp and harsh, and long (which just makes it worse.)

Ok, I did it. I took the sip, and tasted the whisky. Please don't make me do that again. That is the most foul, disgusting, single malt whisky I have ever tasted. This is a whisky in need of a wood finish, age, or something. I've heard the Auchentoshan Three Wood is good, but after tasting this bottle, I don't want anything to do with this distillery.

[goes to pour out the rest of his glass]


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lucadanna1985 commented

oh my God, markjedi, our Toshan man, will be veeery sad after this!

9 years ago 0

LeFrog commented

Clearly everyone has their own scale but, with all due respect @jwise, I can't fathom your scoring for the last two reviews.

9 years ago 0

jwise commented

Well, they are either going to be poured down the drain or given away, so really, how SHOULD I score them? Undrinkable is pretty low, right? You might like these, but I do not. Admittedly, the Auchentoshan here is an independent bottling without any finish or serious age, and the Bowmore is the cheapest NAS bottle they offer. If someone hated Islay whiskies, and said "I hate any detectable amount of peat", I would expect them to rate Laphroaig as a 1-2. Out of courtesy, I gave Auchentoshan 10yr an extra .5, just so it wouldn't be a 1.

9 years ago 0

jwise commented

If anyone in the North Houston area wants this bottle, I will give it to you. Seriously.

9 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

Sad, no? A trifle confused, sure. But enjoying whisky is ultimately a very personal thing. I don't mind Jwise's score (even if I disagree). Having said that, I think that every whisky made according to the rules of the trade, should at least have a score of 50. Below 50 means it's just not well-made and only worthy to throw away. Clearly, that's how Jwise felt about this Toshan.

9 years ago 0

jwise commented

After we are allowed to adjust our scores, I will use the algorithm suggested to me and make it a 63. I am still confused why 60 pts are just for show, but I digress.

9 years ago 0

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