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Auchentoshan Valinch 2011 Release

A cracker lowlander

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18th Nov 2011


Auchentoshan Valinch 2011 Release
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Nose: crème Brule with lemon rind on top. Coconut. And a lot of vanilla. Youthful, and very strong on the nose, it takes a but of water with grace, and some time in the glass. I also suggest to let it sit in the glass so you can nose it better, especially if you are new to whisky.

Palate: Banana loti (you know the stuff you eat in Thailand) Powerful ginger spice lemon combo. Wood and sherry. Chewable and intense. That’s why I love cask strength. This is great. After some time in the glass. Mango !!

Finish: medium. Cocoa powder. Wood. Nuts.

In two words : I LIKE! , this is very good, a young, full of flavours, fruit and exotica.A cracker of a dram, which at a good price. I need me some of this.

Whisky distilleries, i do hope you will learn that we are looking for cask strength expressions. 40% doesn’t do it to whisky anoraks these days, right?

I do hope many distilleries will follow and release cask strength, even at a young age, so we can experience the true flavour of undiluted goodness.

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markjedi1 commented

I see you have started tasting the samples I've sent you. Good man. I'm glad the Valinch is so much to your liking. It's become one of my go-to-before-dinner drams.

12 years ago 0