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Auchentoshan Valinch 2011 Release

A Thief By Any Other Name....

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@AlanjpReview by @Alanjp

10th Feb 2012


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I saw this whisky as a bit of a random purchase really, I like the standard Auchentoshan malts and thought I should take a punt on the Valinch due to its name really!

It’s a very light yellowy-brown colour in the glass, and sits at a rather hefty 57.5% in strength! That strength and power didn’t come through too much for me in the nose, as I got the softer aromas of peaches and Olive Oil! There was an edge to it, but I found it hard to describe in all honesty.

When sampling this I found two fairly different tastes, the first being like a Worthers Original sweet, the toffee and sweetness of that. Then though I found a hint of batter, like the batter you would use to make a Yorkshire pudding. I thought it was a strange taste to be honest, but I guess that’s the beauty of whisky eh! The strength did come through in the taste, knocking me back a bit!

It was a tingling sensation of a finish, and one that wasn’t unpleasant at all. I thought it was a very good expression, a wee bit rough around the edges but enjoyable all the same!

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markjedi1 commented

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alan. I was looking forward to your notes. I love the title you gave the review!

10 years ago 0

Alanjp commented

Thanks Mark, glad you like it!

10 years ago 0

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