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Balblair 1989

Complex, fruity, spicy

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@galgReview by @galg

18th Nov 2010


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Nose : Still very fruity like the 2000, but heavier with more oak , raisin and dried banana and pineapple. More complex, and wood. spices are there too.

Palate: Fruits (raisins, sultanas,banana, apple) and some cherries dipped in sherry, Spicy ginger and again that white peppery thing is noticeable. The 2000 DNA is also in full motion here, but more complexity and heaviness due to the wood influence . Complex stuff. Lovely.

Finish : Long fruity, spicy and dry.

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GregLogan commented

galg - You seem to have an impressive review but a little slight on the score relative to what I would have thought. Are you typically a tough scorer? I sometimes wonder if we are too easy. What would rate an HP18? I saw your Ardbeg Corry at 90. I am thinking about getting either the 1989 or 1991. Any recommendation with the distiller's 1991 vs. Duncan Taylor's 1991?

Thanks Greg

8 years ago 0

galg commented

@GregLogan: 85 means a very good whisky. 90 is excellent ;) I have not had DT 1992 so can't really compare, but either way those 2 are lovely whiskies. you can not go wrong with them !

8 years ago 0

GregLogan commented

Thanks - very good - I have been wanting to push my ratings down so as to eliminate "grade inflation" ("we love everybody, man"); maybe we should start low - I had some Dalwhinnie 15 that was not totally horrible but I would never buy another albeit maybe sample some to confirm my existing experience. What should I rate that I wonder - it was oily and not particularly complex or tasting. Maybe a 70 means - barely drinkable - below that and you are hurting yourself... I should that really be a 50???

8 years ago 0

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