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Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWood

Isn't the climax supposed to come at the end...

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@dXIIIrReview by @dXIIIr

17th Nov 2009


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The Balvenie Double Wood opens up with a rich, warming aroma full of red dried fruit sweetness. Further nosing lets you discover some apple and makes you hungry for a piece of rum-filled cake.

You could keep on nosing for minutes before taking the first sip, and to be honest this is when you reach the climax of this dram.

Where the nose is quite complex and would give you the feeling this is a rich, full bodied dram, you could end up getting disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad dram at all. It has a medium-light body with a sweet opening in flavour, immediately followed by a peppery sensation that causes this whisky to lose some of its schwung...too bad.

The aftertaste takes more to the initial nosing and tends to last a half a minute, but you've got to sense beyond the stingy feel. The last thing that'll fade away slowly in your throath will be some bitterness. Again...too bad.

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jeanluc commented

Ha! I thought this was spam when I first saw the title :-)

I like this whisky - it is a bit of a pub favourite - but on the upper end of the scale.

11 years ago 0

jdcook commented

Personally, I find that whiskies with great noses, but average body and taste, can be made excellent, by taking a big lungful as you take a sip, and not to leave it on the tongue too long. That way, you get the effects of the nose to last well into the finish. Mind you, if the finish isn't great, that will still leave you disappointed.

I too raised an eyebrow at the subtitle... ;)

11 years ago 0

noodlexyz commented

I really enjoy this bottle its slightly sweet, fruity, and it makes a great after dinner drink.

11 years ago 0

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