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Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWood

Solid performer, but wanting more?

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@KiwiJamesReview by @KiwiJames

6th Apr 2015


Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWood
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First review - Reviewed a lot of wine, but first time doing Whisky

No water, sat for 15min before nosing

Nose Toffee, Vanilla, and peach fuzz - All together its almost a cooked peach crumble with brown sugar cashu nuts sprinkled on top Hint of Anzac bisket (for those who know what they are) As it developed a bit of green oak hits coming through Had to go looking for this nose, was quite reserved and didn't offer her secretes freely

Palate I found it very elegant and smooth Subtle come on and the vanilla and toffee carry through as the main flavours Thinning tannis on the back end and then it just moves off, doesn't leave much or overstay its welcome, it just slips off Spice as it develops but only the thinnest veneer of sherry Elegant (almost thin)- in truth I like the nose more than the palate

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Alexsweden commented

I hope that you'll enjoy the whisky as you do the wine. Nice review, I had the very same spirit this weekend. For me it's sweet honeyed creme brûlée with caramel but also a note of leather. Drinkable but not spectacular.

9 years ago 0

KiwiJames commented

Thanks, I'm certainly starting to get a taste for it that's for sure! Yeah I know what you mean by the leather note I want to like this more than I do, but a "go to" with class

9 years ago 0

hueyhq commented

Thanks for your review, James. By chance, I tried this last time I was in Japan, and quite enjoyed it. Encouraged by your review, I might snaffle a bottle as it is quite reasonably priced now I am back over here! Being new to the game, I can't describe a whisky as others here, but I am trying to follow others who may have a similar palate to me! (BTW, I am also a Kiwi - from CHCH.)

9 years ago 0

KiwiJames commented

Hi Hueyhq - Thanks for your comments! I am going to put up a review of the Glendronach 15 which I can recommend very highly, especially if you like the sherry style of Whisky's

9 years ago 0

GeorgeStevens commented

With these whiskies, sometimes the joy is in the pursuit; a beautiful treasure is more rewarding when discovered, at last, after searching, rather than when simply laid before you. Wine and whisky are two completely different animals.

8 years ago 0

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