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Balvenie 15 Year Old

Better Than Good!

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12th Sep 2012


Balvenie 15 Year Old
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I’m a big fan of this one. Something pretty cool about this version of Balvenie: each bottle is drawn from a single bourbon cask of a single distillation. So each cask forms a limited edition of hand-numbered bottles – there’s a maximum of 350 bottles from any one cask – so each bottle is unique and unrepeatable. There is a bit of difference between casks, but not a lot. A bit of geekiness for you :)

I see that this bottle has a big range of scores here (distance between 83 and a 94 is pretty big) but my personal opinion lies closer to 94. A solid bottle i can show to any whiskey fan or newbie, alike.

The flavor is rich and complex, indicative of a good, long aging process. I loved the strong honey vanilla on the nose, as well.

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FMichael commented

I too am a big fan of the Balvenie 15 yr (well - a big fan of Balvenie in genral)...However - I do agree with some of those who've scored this particular single malt in the low to mid 80's; I've tasted/consumed upwards of 5 - maybe 6 different bottlings, and some are indeed better than others.

11 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

I've tried 2. The first was a gift (from me) to my uncle. He doesn't collect. He just enjoyed. And he shares! Cask 1976 was really good. So good I found a bottle from the same cask and bought it for another day...

The other was unfortunate. I was at a party with a bar. They dumped it in a tumbler with ice... Never got to properly taste it. Oh well.

10 years ago 0