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Balvenie 15 Year Old

Sherry Nuke

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@SimeonSanchezReview by @SimeonSanchez

16th Dec 2014


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My bottle is aged in European sherry butts, and I can't say that I've tasted a better sherried whisky in my wannabe whisky-connoisseur career.

The nose is full of spice, butter, and dates. There is also oil infused with flowers, like some kind of ancient perfume.

It carouses over your tongue, demanding not to be swallowed until it has had its way with your mouth. The flavor is substantial and salty, and just as sweet as it is savory, like good Chinese food.

This is one of very few whiskies I can name that is as delightful on the nose as it is on the tongue.

There is a kind of "neatness" or "roundness" to it that is difficult to describe. Like a good work of sculpture, it doesn't have rough edges.

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Taco commented

I can't go as high as you on my score (91), but it is really good stuff. Somewhat delicate nose with a pleasing palate that puts a smile on my face. Definitely 15+ YO as the wood is perfectly integrated with the spirit. Not a fresh cask, but mybe a second refill (?). Went back the next day and bought three more. Definitely a bump up on the 12SB. I was pissed that Balvenie dropped the 15 SB (bourbon barrel), but this is actually better and tastes more like an 18 (at least my cask).

6 years ago 0

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