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Benromach redesign

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By W @Wierdo on 3rd Jun 2020, show post

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RianC replied

@weirdo - 'Everyone has an opinion maybe you should keep yours to yourself.'

He typed, while savouring the irony of its circumstance.

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@RianC Aren’t we all in need of more hookers and blow? stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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@paddockjudge As long as you aren’t picking either one up on Elgin Street, or at the Ledo, you’re in the clear.

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BlueNote replied

@RianC I’d rather sleep with the old bottle, at least it had some curves. heart_eyes

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RianC replied

@Hewie - That looks OK to be fair. I think I know why they do it but what happened to the 'old way' of having a brand logo (and everything that went with it) and keeping it so it becomes a 'thing'?

How all the chopping and changing is helping to create a known/familiar brand is beyond me.

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Wow—I didn't realize Whisky Advocate was still blogging. I figured the place fell apart when John Hansell left.

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