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Black Bottle

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@DougfulReview by @Dougful

3rd Sep 2010


Black Bottle
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I hadn't even heard of Black Bottle prior to seeing it featured in connosr.com's beginner's whisky cabinet article, but boy I'm glad it was there. I had to do a little searching to find it in Kansas City, but managed to find a source that charges only $17.99. Cheap even for brand name blends.

Nose: Buttery, soft peat, nail polish remover (in a good way), very very light charcoal. I have heard that Bunnahabhain is the main single malt in here and it really shows in the nose. To me it smells to me mostly like a mix of that and maybe Caol Ila. Short legs.

Palate: Smooth. Baked Yam (lightly sweet and earthy), light brine, wafts of mild smoke, oak. Light to medium bodied. Very pleasant.

Finsih: Sweet, black pepper, charcoal, warming. It lingers but is mild.

This is a very tasty and unique blend and I believe belongs in everyones cabinet. I'm giving this a 7.5 as I believe it holds its own with other more expensive blends. It isn't Johnny Walker Black, but it is close and also less than half the price. Add another point or so (8.5) if you want to consider the price in the rating.

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