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Black Bowmore 1964 29 Year Old 1st Edition

Only a legend back in 1993

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@AnonymousReview by @Anonymous

25th Jul 2011


Black Bowmore 1964 29 Year Old 1st Edition
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From what I can recall, the economy around the world was just recovering from a moderate recession and interest in whiskys and prices were at very low levels. I bought 5 bottles of this expression at USD $90/each in 1993.

Nose: Strong sherry, grapefruit, raw cane sugar, slight smokiness

Palate: Sweet sherry, Christmas cake, Faint hint of peat

Finish: Sherry, Oily, Briny, Slight bitterness

I feel that this expression's strength is its nose. The sherry hits you hard with faint peat in the background, almost like a Highland Park. And then its all downhill from there. In my humble opinion, I feel that the Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist is better in all categories.

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UserRemoved commented

I apologize in advance for a poor 1st review. Its a lot harder than you think to write a review. Much respect to all members who have reviewed a whisky.

12 years ago 0

jdcook commented

No need to apologise - it's a fine review! I've heard slightly mixed things about the 1964 Black Bowmore, but I'm still jealous you have so many bottles... :p

12 years ago 0

UserRemoved commented

@jdcook, Thank you for your kind words. The Black Bowmore is a good whisky but not a great one. And lets not even talk about the current pricing. I had 5 bottles but traded 3 of them, took a bottle to tastings, so I'm down to 1 bottle.

12 years ago 0

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