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Blanton's Gold Edition

Smooth, sweet and creamy

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@MuddyFunsterReview by @MuddyFunster

20th Jan 2016


Blanton's Gold Edition
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I was first introduced to the Blanton's Gold in the Craft Beer Co. bars in London. It was a cheaper alternative to their Van Winkles, but in it's own way it became a regular favourite for me. Great for the price. I bought myself a bottle from The Whisky Exchange shop at London Bridge. This was dumped on 8/20/2013 from barrel 304, Rick number 19.

Colour is a rich golden lightly brown, moderately oily. Looks great. Rich and golden.

Nose is refined. I always get a whiff of sweet stem ginger when I nose this whiskey. Then it's rich layers of muscovado sugar, oak, cinnamon, vanilla, buttercream and some light floral notes: honeysuckle. The brown sugars and vanilla are leading at the front. At the back maybe some dried apricot. Delicious harmonious sweet aromas.

Taste is a hit of spiciness, alcohol, chewy white oak, peppery, then the vanilla, then the muscovado sugar and stem ginger starts building, caramel, oak very present and lingering, some creaminess.

Finish is oak, moderately drying, vanilla, fading brown sugars, caramel. Creamy oak and brown sugars. Decent length on the finish. Stays with you.

The taste always slightly catches me out with it's spice and pepper, because the nose is so soft and sweet, but it balances out into a very nice harmonious finish.

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Astroke commented

Was able to get a bottle at the LCBO for the 30 minutes they had stock, called ahead to reserve one. Delicious stuff.

8 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

This one was very poorly distributed by the KGBO. Online, bottles were showing up here and there for a day or 2.

At the flagship store (which listed 20) they told me people were waiting in line at the opening for them. Inventory is usually listed from the previous day. Luckily they were able to locate another store a five minute drive away, we called and they had seven. I asked them to hold 4. When I left the store there were none left on the shelves...

2 Connosrs were happy that day... I'm willing to share from my 2 bottles.

8 years ago 0

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