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Brora 30 Year Old bottled 2007

Beauty in a bottle

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KReview by @Kaspergvalentin

5th Jan 2010


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Nose: Peat straight up, with plenty of those Brora'y notes, direct from the farm. It can best be described as standing in a barn, just after a heavy downpour. Cows, wet fur, soaked earth - quite the smell. With time the peat converts to more classic wood smoke. With water: The peat takes a back seat to the farmyard smells.

Taste: Huge! The peat is aggressive and comes right at you. Really hard to believe that this one is 30 years old. Tar and quite citric. With water: Softer, with slighty softer sweeter notes.

Finish: Very concentrated, full, long with great balance, like a lovely concentrated lump of peat sitting right on the middle of your tongue.

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jeanluc commented

I've never tried a Brora but this sounds really interesting, how does it compare against other 30 year old whiskies in your experience?

13 years ago 0

Kaspergvalentin commented

It's a different beast then most whiskies. It's more "civilised" if you like, then most Islays, a better way of putting, would be, it retains it's highland character while being peaty. It's still very aggressive and "in your face" - but it doesn't really share the characteristic ageing traits, you'd hardly believe that it's 30 years old, very powerful with very little oak - I'd say late teens early twenties if I didn't know any better. It's quite the whisky, and very unique.

13 years ago 0

Wodha commented

Brora 30 is the best liquid anything I've ever tasted. I was fortunate to find a bottle in 2009 for $300. I opened it in 2011 for my fiftieth birthday. I kept the empty bottle. I hope to find a bag of money someday so that I may buy more as nowadays they fetch $1,000 a bottle and up.

7 years ago 0

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