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Bruichladdich 34 Year Old Legacy 6

Not All There

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YReview by @Youngupstart

11th Apr 2011


Bruichladdich 34 Year Old Legacy 6
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N:It starts off pleasantly on toffee and soft vanilla. Peaches follow up but are slightly unripe and followed by a spiceiness pushing to be noticed. A buttery fruit medley with mild oak notes showing up. Syrupy apricot with a smooth nutty scent preface a dash of cinnamon. So far the nose is creamy and full of interest. B:Thick legs form on non-existant beads (very thick oil lip). The colour appears to be an off dark gold. T:Raw sugarcane and a hint of pineapple show up. Tropical fruit with soft spicy notes keeping up with the others. Brown sugar hangs on the sidelines, moving towards the more prominent notes. Orange peels are there to but hard to notice with a little bit of sulphur for a short period of time. The body is weak and thin on the palate which seems to be indicated on the nose. F:More sulphur notes with burnt vanilla, tar and more citrus. Light tropical fruit with a slightly bitter form of butterscotch. The finish is short than expected and is wispy/weak.

I have my qualms with this particular whisky due to it's price and inability to stride where an ultra premium whisky should. I may have to come back to this but for now it will sport a black mark in my book.

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Laddie commented

Young Upstart - Not sure I can agree with this assessment having tasted this whisky several times:

JOHN HANSELL Bruichladdich Legacy 6, 34 year old, 41%, $550The sixth and last bottling from the Legacy series. Legacy 6 is a marriage of six casks from 1965, 1970, and 1972. Soft and mellow on the nose and palate, with unbelievably restrained oak for such a mature whisky. Delicious notes of coconut, soothing vanilla, caramel custard, and banana cream, peppered with spice notes of cinnamon, mint, and teaberry that emerges on a soft finish that fades out gently. A fitting end to the Legacy series. I’m sad to see them go. Rating: 94

whatdoesjohnknow.com/2007/12/… which gives this whisky a 94 rating

13 years ago 0

Pierre commented

53/100 is a pretty low score for any whisky - goes to show how subjective review scores are.

@Laddie probably worth bearing in mind that @youngupstart does tend to score on the low side for a good number of whiskies so his 53 here may not be as bad as a 53 from John Hansell! See this link: connosr.com/members/youngupstart/…. Welcome to Connosr by the way!

13 years ago 0

Youngupstart commented

@Piero @Laddie Yes this is true, I rate on a different scale based on what most seventies would be in my eyes in the fifties. I do believe this whisky has some valid qualities but when I tried it I was not entertained by it at all. If you disagree though I would be glad to review it again, but from what I recall it is flat and I don't seem to relate to it's profile. Thanks for the input!

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