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Bulleit Bourbon 175cl

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Bulleit Bourbon 175cl

Product details

  • Brand: Bulleit
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 45.0%

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Bulleit Bourbon 175cl

Moving on from the Copper Pot Reserve, the next tasting comes in the forum of a bourbon - Bulleit Bourbon, with the label of 'Frontier Whiskey'. I've seen this on the shelves a couple times but today, it came with bonus glassware and I'd been meaning to start trying more bourbons anyway.

The color is a light to medium amber. The drink pours thicker than most I've tried, almost like it sticks to the side of the glass before making its way back to the bottom.

The nose is somewhat subdued and not very poignant. Oddly enough, the first thing that came to my mind with there was a curry like aroma in here somewhere. I'm not sure where that would have come from. More upfront is fruit - berries. One of the things I noticed with this dram is how quickly you become accustomed to the aroma's. It wasn't long before I couldn't detect an discern able smell. In contrast, the Lagavulin 16 (I know this is like comparing apples and oranges here but it makes the point) had a nose that stayed strong and aromatic each time I put my beak up to the glass to see what was going on.

The palate reveals some definite sweetness - White sugar. Caramel. In equal parts, spiciness - peppery. It's not a bold drink with the flavors all kind of hovering in the background behind the bite of the alcohol. Still, the flavors are well balanced and play off each other well. They just don't announce themselves out loud and up front like some drinks. Smooth for a 45% drink.

The finish is pleasant with the drink neither drying out the mouth nor burning the tongue for an extended period of time. In fact, before it tapers off, there's almost a menthol like feel, a cool sensation.

Overall, although not very flashy or complex, it's an enjoyable drink that I'd buy again.

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