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Cabin Still

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Cabin Still

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Cabin Still

Cabin Still is known as a bottom shelf bourbon. Ridiculously cheap (in the States, a bottle of 1 litre will cost you 15 USD) and a somewhat dubious reputation. It matured for three years in the Bardstown warehouses in Kentucky.

On the nose, it is immediately clear that this is indeed bottom shelf stuff. Some apples, mint and licquorice and those purple sweet aka violet candy. Hint of smoke. Do not leave it for fifteen minutes, though, for it turns vile and even reminds me of a can of sardines!

I did not expect this to be creamy on the palate, but this is very watery. Again those violets (the candy, not the flowers) and a very small pinch of pepper. Very sweet and mildly drying.

I get a little bit of smoke on the finish, but not much else.

This is the Johnnie Walker Red Label of bourbons, so to speak. Mix or miss.

I just needed it for the "dubious reputation."

Well, it's $15 in Belgium and a waste of money imho. No offense.


Very smooth whiskey, with a subtle undertone. Leaves a clean finish. Nose: Slight butterscotch aroma; Taste is light in flavor, with corn tastes. Finish is very short.

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