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Caperdonich - 38 Year Old 1972 Malts of Scotland

Dynamic Duo

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

25th Aug 2011


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This is a H2H tasting note of two bottles, sistercasks from Malts of Scotland, i.e. the Caperdonich 38 Year Old 1972/2011, sherry hogsheads 1144 that yielded 98 bottles and sherry hogshead 1145 that yielded 76 bottles. The ABV's are 57,4% for cask 1144 and 52,4% for cask 1145. Further on, to make the note somewhat more readable, I'll simply refer to the bottles as Cap1144 and Cap1145.

The nose on Cap1144 is amazingly fruity and waxy. Peach, apricots, prunes, figs, dades. Hmm. This makes me happy. When I say waxy, I mean like furniture polish. Subtlely seasoned with mint and dipped in light honey. Won-der-ful! But the nose of Cap1145... is even better! Holy smoke! All of the above, but sweeter (insofar as that is possible), beeswax instead of furniture polish. Add pineapple, nectarine and vanilla, as well as some chamomile. And a truckload of candied sugar, if you leave it for a few minutes. Wow, the complexity is phenomenal. Cap1144 does show a firm trace of smoke, which is a lot less prominent in Cap1145. But I prefer the nose of Cap1145. Adding some water to dilute them to (approx) the same strength makes them next to identical and brings out the fruit and candied sugar.

The first sip of Cap1144 is a sledgehammer blow to the taste buds. White pepper, black pepper, nutmeg and a pinch of saffron make you drool, before the fruitbomb explodes. Stewed prunes first and foremost, honey, candied sugar, dades, cinnamon, almonds with a slightly drying edge that creates a perfect balance. This is stunning. Cap1145 is also very spicy at first, but a lot gentler and allows the fruit to get all the attention - which I prefer. Very similar profile, but softer and sweeter. This has everything to do with the ABV, I'm sure. Let me dilute them to similar ABV (approx again). Yep. Batman & Robin. The Dynamic Duo in my copitas.

Both have a very long, warm and slightly drying finish, simply marvellous. This is Enjoying with capital E. Even with water.

Without a doubt these are the two best Capers that ever passed my lips. And with a serious lead, too. The fact that they'll set you back about 190 EUR a piece, shouldn't stop you from getting a bottle while you still can. Especially considering that it carries water well, meaning more bang for your buck. Personally, I believe this Dynamic Duo is a touch better with water (make no mistake, they are perfectly drinkable neat too). Put one under the X-mas tree, you'll not regret it, believe me. You'll be happy you did. Sorry for the long tasting note (not really), but it's been a while since I've so enjoyed an evening with a couple of drams.

Cap1144 : 93/100 Cap1145 94/100

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