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Chichibu Single Malt

Single Malt Newborn Heavily Peated - 4 months old

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wReview by @whiskywall

24th Apr 2010


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Color – Amber orange

Nose: Peat with a capital P! You definitely get huge wafts of sweet peat when you first nose it and it hides the high alcohol content well. After awhile it opens up with a little maltiness.

Palate: A stiff jab of peat with that 61.4% alcohol following right up after. It does fade rather quickly though. You can tell it is a youngin’ and that it needs more time – but only 4 months old? Really? A hint of nutmeg/spice. It is not all that complex, straight forward peat as advertised. More of a nasal and back of the tongue alcohol feeling.

Finish: Short and fades fast.


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kian commented

I was gonna buy this and the double matured bottling but was a bit reluctant cos of the price.I would pay £40 happily but thought 60 was just a bit too steep.Gonna get me a 37yo linkwood in a few days instead sounds lovely,have one for me mate.

13 years ago 0

whiskywall commented

I paid a little over $50 USD for this bottle so it wasn't that bad - worth it at that price I think. That linkwood sounds good. Cheers!

13 years ago 0

scribe commented

Been looking at the Chichibu's, so cheers for the review. Any idea how this compares to the non-peated?

13 years ago 0

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