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Clynelish 14 Year Old

Mysteriously Scottish

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@ewhiskeyReview by @ewhiskey

7th Apr 2013


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This scotch caught my interest the second it's aromas found my nose. Let's begin there; Nose: Rich buttery sweetness, heavy like fruit cake/hold the fruit. There's no doubt that this is a single malt scotch, fresh Scottish air carries the aromas of the surrounding sea. Unique and antique, it's nostalgia without the memory. There is some char from a distance. Palate: A smooth leather belt dusted in cardamon, dried cloves with a mist of dark sweet rum, so subtle. A hard burnt caramel develops but seizes to fresh oak. That char in the nose still lingers through the palate. Finish: That fresh oak remains present, calm and steady until it is washed over by mild sweet tea. Char has faded. A slight vanilla visits, but a little too late. Did I forget the body?: Light but oily. The oil sits through the entire experience. I would have loved to share the colour of this one but I am sitting in a dark room and my eyes couldn't serve it justice.

I really love this scotch, very original.

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FMichael commented

Great review!

This just might be my favorite whisky from the Diageo stable.

7 years ago 0

FMichael commented

Actually - on 2nd thought - Talisker is probably my favorite whisky from the Diageo group with Clynelish in 2nd place.

7 years ago 0

ewhiskey commented

Thanks FMichael,

My father in law picked up a bottle on his way back home from Atlanta. I'd heard good things about Clynelish but the 14 year old surpassed all of my expectations. Talisker is another malt I was blown away by. I love Ardbeg and Lagavulin as well, but Talisker gives you the best bang for you buck!

7 years ago 0

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