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Clynelish 1993/2010 Distiller's Edition

Sherried! - NEAT Challenge Part III

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@YakLordReview by @YakLord

3rd Apr 2013


Clynelish 1993/2010 Distiller's Edition
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Purchased in February 2012 and opened at our 1st Annual St. Clynelish's Day Celebration on March 16, 2012. It was brought out again for the 2nd Annual celebration on March 16, 2013, and has since been decanted to a 20cl bottle.

This is a 17 year-old Clynelish which has received a secondary maturation in Oloroso Seco casks and then bottled at 46% ABV (as is the standard Clynelish 14 year-old expression). The bottle code is Cl-Br: 173-5j.

There is minimal inventory remaining at the LCBO (approx 11 bottles as of April 2, 2013), and it is currently priced at $99.55 (CAD) in Ontario, although it is available online for significantly less if you live in a place which allows you to order from online merchants.

For this review I used two 25ml servings: one in my Glencairn 'Canadian' glass, and one in my NEAT glass, and I had a two squares of plain dark chocolate (65% cocoa).

Nose: sherry (no surprise there!), red plums, brown sugar, dark fruitcake (not that light stuff, but the deep, dark, sherry-laden fruitcake with cherries).

Palate: a bit of salt, brine, and wax, as one would expect from a Clynelish, but juxtaposed with brown sugar, raisins, and candied fruit.

Finish: long, sherried, and warming; very satisfying!

Balance: extremely well balanced. The various flavours played off one another, complementing each other beautifully. No one aroma or flavour overpowered the others, and the sherry seemed to be held in check.

When we opened this at the St. Clynelish's Day Celebration in 2012, we paired it with fresh dates wrapped in candied applewood smoked bacon, and it was phenomenal!

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YakLord commented

A brief addendum to this review: I poured myself a dram of this last night (using my Glencairn 'Canadian'), and part-way through it I was suddenly hit with some very nicely balanced smoke on the nose and the finish. Which makes sense, since Clynelish does actually use medium-peated malted barley, but I'd never noticed it before, and it was really, really magnificent!

10 years ago 0

Lurifax commented

That's a very good review. I like the attention you pay to every detail as to how the whisky was experienced. I looked up this whisky because I stumbled upon it at $32 today in a local super market. They must have had them lying around and felt the need to clear out the basement. I haven't opened it yet; I'm thinking about doing it soon so I can get another bottle, if it's good.

10 years ago 0

YakLord commented

Thanks for the feedback, @Lurifax. Hope you enjoy the Clynelish. Just as an FYI, if you haven't yet tried it, the 14 is also quite good (still have to post my review of it...)

10 years ago 0

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