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Compass Box Hedonism

Unfulfilled potential

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@tjbReview by @tjb

26th Nov 2013


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Compass Box, the self proclaimed "artisan Whisky makers" and all around marketing gurus love to tantalise us with different kinds of offerings. Hedonism is their Blended Grain Whisky.

Batches vary and are made from a combination of 8 - 15 casks from a variety of distilleries.

The batch I am drinking is limited release bottling number: HE18MMXI. The bottles is half full (I am ever the optimist) and has been open for nearly 3 months.

The beautiful smoked bottle disguises the palest of Whiskies that it hides within. This oily blend has good legs indicating some age in there. At this stage you should be getting excited. The box, the bottle, the appearance all indicate class.

The nose is light, creamy, plenty of vanilla and fudge.

It is soft, creamy, silky on the palate. The vanilla is there along with mild spices, nicely peppery.

The finish is creamy, a tang of fresh ginger, sweet but short.

I have been drinking a variety of Bourbons recently. Initially this bottle seems much more classy that the American Grain Whiskies. The creamy, silkiness oozes quality on the nose and initially on the palate but it fades away and leaves me feeling unfulfilled.

It is interesting, clearly a well made and nicely balanced product but it lacks a suitable ending. I wanted more rolling flavours that unfolded into a climatic finish and after the initial flavours I got a slow drift into... Mmm, quite nice.

I don't regret buying this Whisky, it's easy drinking, well put together but not the show stopper I had hoped it might be. Worth trying as it is very different from most of the single malts out there.

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Victor commented

I have never understood how anyone gets very excited by Hedonism. And I like lots of Compass Box products. And I like mellow, and I like subtle...with Hedonism, there's just no "there" there, understated to a fault, by my lights. It starts light, and then sort of...disappears...are you listening, @Nock?

8 years ago 0

GregLogan commented

Totally agreed - and sure wish I read all this before dropping $80+ on a bottle. Frankly, if I wanted a bourbon taste, I would have bought a bourbon... Yup, a good deal of marketing and this was a real disappointment since I was expecting something better than Spice Tree...

It just tastes like a sort of dull bourbon - albeit not totally unpleasant ( I do not especially care for bourbon... that does not help).

7 years ago 0

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