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Compass Box The Peat Monster

Monster Mash

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

2nd Jan 2017


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For my first review of 2017, and in anticipation of a self-imposed dry spell starting January 3, I have chosen to review this bottle head to head with a cask strength exclusive store 10th anniversary bottling.

This bottle was bought at the end of 2015, was opened December 14, has been gassed and is 80% full.

This expression is reviewed in my usual manner, allowing it to settle after which I take my nosing and tasting notes, followed by the addition of a few drops of water, waiting, then nosing and tasting.


Neat – Smoke, peat, lemon. Light syrup. Slight mustiness. Fruity. 22/25

With water – slightly more spirity, similar profile. A little more vegetal, some menthol. (21/25)


Neat– Peat explosion. Sour and sweet, citrus. A bit bitter. 21/25

With water – A little thinner, more menthol, citrus and sweet peat dominate. 22/25

Finish: Bitterness lasts through the finish, ashy. No significant change with water. 21/25

Balance: This is a very unidimentional dram. It’s good, but very little complexity. The peat is at the forefront. 22/25

Score: Neat - 86 /100

With Water: 86 /100

Neat, I definitely like this over the 10th anniversary CS, but with water, it’s a toss-up and although I give both the same score I probably would give the CS version a slight edge.

I like this, though I find this is a one trick pony at this time. What I remember of my last bottle was that it started off as a true peat monster but with time the peat diminished and the flavours became a bit more complex. I hope that happens with this bottle as well.

At the end of the tasting I mixed the two together and the result was extremely pleasant.

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BlueNote commented

@Nozinan I'll be with you in spirit (more accurately, without spirit) until the end of the month as I'll be embarking on my own annual month of deprivation starting tomorrow. Just wondering what you might choose tonight for your final pre detox dram. I'm thinking I'll have a dram of Compass Box Flaming Heart Anniversary Edition followed by either Ardbeg Corryvrekkan or Uigeadail.

What about the rest of you maltheads. If you could have two final drams before a month of abstinence, what would they be?

5 years ago 0

NamBeist commented

@BlueNote , I would recommand a glass of Talisker 18 and a glass of Glenmorangie Signet in case of a month of abstinence . I guess it is better to start with the Signet for obvious reasons.

5 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@NamBeist @BlueNote I think "what is your pre-desert iIsland dram?" would make for an excellent discussion on its own...

5 years ago 0

BlueNote commented

Good idea @Nozinan. Can you move it over to the discussions area or start a new discussion up?

@NamBeist Excellent choices. If I had a Talisker 18 it would definitely be one of my last hurrahs.


5 years ago 0

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