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Compass Box The Peat Monster

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@PMessingerReview by @PMessinger

5th Mar 2013


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Warm sweet, earthy arival. Nutty, veggietable, Iodine middle. Developes into long slow smokey oily finish that lingers.

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Rigmorole commented

I opened a bottle of Peat Monster about a month ago, along with a bottle of Ardbeg U. At first, I liked it even more than the Ardbeg, but over time the Ardbeg is pulling out way ahead. For me, the Peat Monster is "high pitched" and "shallow" compared with the deep resonant flavors of the Ardbeg.

This said, PM goes well with blue cheese and crackers, much better than the Ardbeg. I might say this in general. PM goes well with main dishes that have an onion flavor. It is more of a "good whisky" to me than the Ardbeg.

The Ardbeg just can't be beat for sitting and sipping while I read a book or watch a film at home in my Lazyboy chair. It is a superb late winter concoction in the evenings.

Last night, I offered Peat Monster to a guest and he really liked it a great deal, more so than the Ardbeg, which he tried before the PM.

9 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

I meant to say "food whisky" not "good whisky." Typo

9 years ago 0

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