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Corsair Wry Moon

Wrye Cool Drinkable Moonshine

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@VictorReview by @Victor

18th Feb 2011


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Corsair Artisan, LLC, operates distilleries in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee. Corsair makes a variety of products including a single malt, an unaged rye whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, and several experimental spirits products. The review sample is of Wry Moon unaged rye whiskey, batch # 15, which is made from a mashbill of 100% malted rye. This whiskey is twice distilled in copper pot stills

Nose: sour and honey sweet, some rye spice

Taste: a sour-mash greeting, following by very strong clear vibrant rye spices, most strongly the usual rye black pepper. Sweetness comes through after a few seconds. There is a very nice balance between the sweet and sour tastes. There is nothing here but sour-mash alcohol and rye flavours

Finish: The flavours don't go anywhere for a long time

Balance: I consider liking all hard liquor to be an acquired taste, with liking unaged spirits perhaps one of the hardest tastes of all to acquire. Like most aficionados of whisk(e)y, I do not generally preferentially choose to drink an unaged spirit over an aged spirit. The wood mellowing and the wood flavours add something desirable which most drinkers very much want. That said, there is a lot to learn and appreciate from unaged spirits, and this is a very good one in that category. If you want to taste pure unadulterated rye flavour, this Wry Moon whiskey is an excellent place to do it. For the experienced drinker and/or stout of palate, this whiskey makes for an interesting and enjoyable experience. Wry Moon won a Double Gold Medal in the Miscellaneous Spirits category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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