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Corsair's average rating is 83/100 from 8 reviews and 10 ratings

Corsair reviews

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Corsair Oatrage Single Barrel

A punch of oat Corsair Oatrage Single Barrel

This is Corsair Single Barrel Oatrage bottled at cask strength of 65.3% or 130.6 proof. It is made from oats, barley, and roasted malt. I picked this up at the distillery as it is a distillery exclusive…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture3 years ago 4 381

Corsair Rasputin

The Experimental Mind of Darek Bell Corsair Rasputin

I greatly admire Connosr member Darek Bell, who is the owner of and distiller at Corsair Artisan Distillery, which has distilleries in Nashville, Tennessee, and Bowling Green, Kentucky. Darek is fearless…

@VictorBy @Victor4 years ago 3 787

Corsair Centennial

Malt Whiskey Flavored with Hops Corsair Centennial

Several months ago, I visited my old college stomping grounds of Bowling Green Kentucky. I came back to take a tour of something that did not exist there (legally anyway)when I attended school - a dis…

@OnibubbaBy @Onibubba7 years ago 0 188

Corsair Small Batch Triple Smoke Single Malt

Triple Threat Corsair Small Batch Triple Smoke Single Malt

Corsair is a microdistillery in Nashville, founded by Darek Bell, the author of Alt Whiskeys, about alternative ways of distilling whisky beyond the usual malt, rye, corn, etc methods. As you may expect…

@talexanderBy @talexander8 years ago 0 769

Corsair Quinoa Whiskey

Brave New World, or, "The New Rye" Corsair Quinoa Whiskey

Corsair Artisanal Distilling is currently one of the distilleries at the leading edge of whiskey innovation and experimentation. Connosr member Darek Bell is Corsair's owner and Master Distiller. Corsair…

@VictorBy @Victor8 years ago 0 590

Corsair Wry Moon

Wrye Cool Drinkable Moonshine Corsair Wry Moon

Corsair Artisan, LLC, operates distilleries in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee. Corsair makes a variety of products including a single malt, an unaged rye whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, and…

@VictorBy @Victor10 years ago 0 081

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