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Cragganmore 14 Year Old Friends of the Classic Malts

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Cragganmore 14 Year Old Friends of the Classic Malts

Product details

  • Brand: Cragganmore
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 47.5%
  • Age: 14 year old

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Cragganmore 14 Year Old Friends of the Classic Malts

Like I've stated before, not my kind of whisky. But I can imagine this being at the top of the "fruit charts" for many people.

I can't say I wasted any dollars in Cragganmore 14 because it was a product supplied by one of my friends in our whisky society's tastings. For my taste it would be a waste of any currency, if I ever had bought one.

But even though it's not even close to being one of my favorites, it still offered me something. Cragganmore 14 gave me fruits full of laughter in dry and sour package. It was like the dry humor of Sergio Leone, usually being portrayed by Clint Eastwood, the "Uomo senza nome". Meaning the man with no name in the "Dollars Trilogy".

Nose: Fresh and stingy lemon. Some spiciness on the fruits.

Taste: Smoothly tangy and citrus. For me this felt a bit sour and dry. I've seen one review stating floor polish, maybe the sour side was that(?). Bit oily as well.

Finish: Length is pretty quick but not that sharp in the throat as you could imagine by the nose and taste. Kinda lets you down.

Balance: Sophisticated combination of rich fruits with somewhat dull finish.

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