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Cragganmore 1992 Distillers Edition

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Cragganmore 1992 Distillers Edition

Product details

  • Brand: Cragganmore
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Series: Distillers Edition
  • ABV: 40.0%
  • Vintage: 1992

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Cragganmore 1992 Distillers Edition

Cragganmore DE 1992 is a limited bottling that show up in different vintages/year expressions. finished in port pipe. This i had for a little while and finish it as soon as i opened it! with friends "of course". I'll give it a shot. please don't be critical with me. color looks like the Glemo PX for real.

Nose: I get sweet spice, raisin,plum,tawny port wine somewhat. little mint, dry chocolate.

Palate: spicy mint,raisin,plum,menthol, and woody. very enjoyable indeed. sweet and creamy. tingling.

finish: medium long with a nice ballance. better than some others i had with port finishes. i like this alot.


After having the Balvenie 21yr Portwood, then the Glenmo Quinta Ruban, I was excited to hear that Cragganmore also had a Port finished whisky: 1992 Cragganmore Distiller's Edition.

On the nose: Some brine & spirit, peppery oak and perhaps some minted honey & orange rind. All this was drawing me in, big time.

Palate: Nothing, at first, like the nose. Initial reaction: Butter, the feel is like melted butter with a warming toffee flavor. Then, it gets a little spicey and tingley (think ginger on a good sushi roll). There more wood influence then port but wow, a nice experience so far.

Finish: Lasting, oakiness, spiced orange (the taste of the smell of oranges that have cloves stuck in them, if you know what I mean).

Was expecting a little smoke here, as with the standard Cragganmore (just a little smoke) but I think something overtook it, perhaps the port...

A nice special occasion dram (flavor wise, not $$-wise).

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