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Crown Royal Black

Crown Royal Bourbon I Mean Black

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@GBroughReview by @GBrough

22nd Mar 2013


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Tonight I was in the mood for Bernheim, or russels reserve but a mate was sick and I didn't want to foot the bill he has an income I don't.

So I went to foodmaxx and after much browsing and only finding jim beam white label, makers and weak canadian whiskies I went with a halfway point CR Black and it feels different to me I will do the usual review and go from there.

Nose: Oak, spice, vanilla, char, caramel, pepper and more oak more is there like rum raisin, and dry figs. Palate: Strong Oak, spice, vanilla, caramel, char, rum raisin and the mentioned dry figs, cinnamon yet it is smooth like CR usually is. Finish: I got Oak, spice, a long long vanilla and hints of more dried fruit.

I don't highly recommend it unless you can't find what you wanted say this was what you felt like having you should love it.

The glass smells like rum raisin




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SlowPuffs commented

Why do you suppose it is black?

7 years ago 0

GBrough commented

I'm not saying it was bad, oak was good made it different, if I reviewd it on a night when I was in the mood for canadian I would give it around 85, still if you enjoy it more power to you it will be my halfway point with canadian and bourbon.

7 years ago 0

GBrough commented

Meant was not in the mood

7 years ago 0

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