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Dalmore 12 Year Old

Oloroso anyone ? Yes Please

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@cclwardReview by @cclward

25th Nov 2012


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This is my review of the Dalmore 12 year old , It is a wonderful single malt that I encourage everyone to try at least once.

I expect this malt is a big seller , The Scotsman newspaper wrote an article a few months back stating that many people buy malts based on the packaging in the store. The Dalmore has one of the most impressive package presentation out there , It has a classy bottle with an embossed 12 point stag head on it , Majestic and Royal its one bottle that looks good on any bar shelf or any collectors cabinet.

I must admit I first bought a bottle of this for the packaging, it was on a trip to Ottawa when I discovered this bottle as it is unavailable in my province of Newfoundland & Labrador. it was a good price at $60.00. I said " hey its new to me and if it doesn't stand out at least it looks good."

I truly love this malt , I think its the Oloroso that clinches it , It reminds me of the Olorosso you could find in older bottles of Bushmills Black Bush. I can not rekindle that unique taste in newer bottles of Bushmills BB but I can get it dolloping through in the Dalmore 12.

The Color is a Rich Mahogany as described by the distiller , typical with sherried malts such as HP or Macallan.

The Nose on this is great , deep rich , cherry wood , with old english leather , Rich Fruit drizzled in Port or Madeira.

The arrival is soft and syrupy juicy oak with oloroso sherry , reminds me of candied fruit , you get oranges , plums and dates , its jammy...

Then for the finish it turns dry with a hint of salt, pepper and soft vanilla bean , the Oloroso in the taste is still buzzing , juicy flavors follow through.

Its soft ,mellow, delicious and I usually want more , I started this review with one dram and i finished it pouring more and more in my glass to best describe it.

This is by no means the best whisky out there , nor would it ever come with such high expectations. I wish the ABV was a little higher to add that zing.

To me Dalmore 12 is one that I will always have in my cabinet. If you have never tried it , pick up a bottle you may be pleasantly surprised like me. Now if I could only afford those Dalmore Constellation expressions in duty free , Oh well , I'll stick to the 12.

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