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Dalmore 12 Year Old

Hello, Dolly! I'm leaving you Dolly

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

28th Feb 2013


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The Dalmore 12 year old was very contradictory for me. Otherwise so pure and fresh but in the other hand, something that I detest. This is very delicate and smooth, might be the smoothest whisky I've ever tasted. And everything went very well until the first whiffs of marzipan came over and started to follow me everywhere.

If the marzipan would've stopped only at the nose, I could have given this a bigger score but it just kept on wondering at the very finish. And it was powerful.

Dalmore 12 was just like Barbra Streisand, who is sweet and talented actress. Very lovely to look at until she opens her mouth wide open and starts to sing. At that point it's literally "Goodbye Dolly!" for me.

Nose: Oranges and nutty chocolate comes very well but the marzipan starts to embrace you very powerfully even at this point.

Taste: Notes of citrus with sherry and caramel and of course the marzipan strikes through.

Finish: Very very smooth and seems like there's no afterburn at all. Oranges, plums and marzipan. And in the aftertaste the marzipan was the one that made me go: "I've had enough"

Balance: I know I'm annoyingly repeating myself but without the strong marzipan taste in all 3 steps this would've been an over 80 point whisky. Smooth with an almost unwhisky-like finish.

One weird thing about this that I noticed: it seems to lose it's flavor very quickly after opening the bottle. In 2-3 months all the strong flavors were gone. Has anyone else noticed the same, feel free to comment.

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Rigmorole commented

Really, you think Streisand is lovely to look at? To me, she's got a cross eyed horse-face. The media certainly treats her like royalty and acts as if she is cravenly beautiful, but then again the media is quite biased in America and plays favorites unabashedly. I always thought the sheer strength of her voice was her strongest quality, although its tone is not terribly inviting to the ear, and far from being my favorite voice of her generation by a long shot.

As for the marzipan note you are detecting, could it be the carmel additive you are tasting, i wonder? Mazipan can be a sickly sweet cloying almost "perfumy" flavor due to the almost paste and honey together. That marzipan residue is definitely in the 15 year (mine is 3/4 full in my cupboard right now), which I also can appreciate a little bit on the one hand and outright hate on the other. The hate hand wins, unfortunately. There is more to hate than to love, for sure, in the Dalmore 15.

8 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

almond, not "almost." typo.

8 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

I clearly chose the wrong words here :). I meant she's lovely to look at what comes to acting. A talented actress, not a beauty :). Thanks for giving me the chance to clear things.

That's why Dalmore 12 was easy to compare to Streisand (for me at least). Otherwise good but with a one flaw that is just too big for me...

8 years ago 0

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