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Dalmore 12 Year Old

Unfortunate aftertaste,

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@MatthieuReview by @Matthieu

22nd Dec 2014


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Review based on a bottle opened over a year ago, and about 3/4 full. Drunk straight.

Nose: Definitely sweet, cookies and burnt caramel. There is an under-current of red fruits from the sherry input. It's quite nice. I can't remember any whisky ever smelling anything resembling this.

Taste: Pretty light, I guess that's what you get for 40% alcohol. Red fruits dominate here, as expected from a sherried scotch. It is also on the sweeter, maltier side.

Finish: That's where the Dalmore falls flat. It starts nicely, with red fruits dominating again, but they wash away pretty quickly. What is left afterwards is rather unpleasant: a metallic, sulfuric aftertaste that sticks to the tongue and mouth.

Balance: The aftertaste just spoils what would otherwise be a fine and easy drinking scotch. It is quite possible that this is a bad batch, but I can only review the whisky that is in front of me. Now, if you would excuse me, I have to get a glass of water to wash it away.

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Victor commented

Beautiful bottle art, nice name, but what I've tasted of Dalmore 12 would not make me want to buy a bottle of it, either. Thanks for your review.

6 years ago 0

Taco commented

I had a bottle a couple of years ago and wasn't impressed. The 15 is a definite improvement and a regular buy for me, but more expensive. The Glenfarclas 12 was much better and the Aberlour 12 was also better, if you are looking for a similarly priced sherried scotch.

6 years ago 0

Taco commented

Actually, the best buy for sherried whisky is the Glenfarclas 105. It costs about 50% more, but has a 50% higher ABV. Just pour a half dram and add the same amount of water and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Really good stuff! It really needs to be highly diluted though. It also improves greatly with air. I left a nearly empty bottle in the back of my cabinet for a year. I thought it would have gone flat, but instead it was wonderful. Also, see Ralfy's recent review of it. He hits it on the head.

6 years ago 0

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