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Danfield's Limited Edition 21 Year Old

Williams, Williams and Williams

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

9th Aug 2014


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Ahhhhh. I'm inside on a sunny Saturday afternoon, watching the Rogers Cup semi-final (the women's tennis, taking place in Montreal). That it is the Williams sisters against each other makes it quite exciting. Especially because one of them is Serena...who I love....so much.....such a huge crush... strong... beautiful..... sooooo....oh, wait. Snap out of it! OK, on to the whisky.

Since the tournament is in Canada, I thought we would do a Canadian. There isn't much info out there on Danfield's 21 Year Old. The label says the distiller is Williams & Churchill (Williams whisky...Williams sisters...OK this makes sense), based in Valleyfield QC and Lethbridge AB - this is definitely distilled in Lethbridge though. Although there is no batch number or bottle code, this is labelled "small batch". It is also "diamond filtered." Wonder what marketing geniuses came up with that one...but anyway...

The colour is a coppery gold. On the nose, honey and caramel comes first, with a backbone of rye spice. Sourdough bread, vanilla custard and some rich oak. Marzipan and maple. Water makes it more floral, but be careful with water - too much will drown it. Rich and luxurious.

On the palate some citrus comes through (where did that come from?) with more caramel, vanilla and oak. The citrus with the sweeter notes, and the rye spice (with cloves), provides extraordinary balance - it's sweet but never cloying, and has real bite (which is reduced by adding water). The oak really is beautifully done here. Delicious.

The finish gives a burst of nutmeg and cinnamon, with more oak - it's long and deep, finally ending in tobacco. This has always been one of my favourite Canadian whiskies, not only a true pleasure to drink but features great depth and complexity. Jim Murray scores this a 95, by the way. Almost impossible to find now - @paddockjudge was somehow able to source this bottle for me - so grab it if you find it. And now, back to Serena. I mean, back to the tennis...

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JasonHambrey commented

yes, very sad that this one is becoming hard to find. It was around so long (and at such a bargain!) that I was hoping it wasn't a "limited" limited edition. One of my absolute favourites too. has anyone figured out what "diamond" filtered is? I came up short in my research to find out...

7 years ago 0

talexander commented

According to a tag on the bottle, "As a final step, our whisky is "Diamond Filtered" just prior to bottling. We use real diamonds to filter our fine whisky and this provides a "polishing" hat assures a smoothness and drinkability from first sip to last." Sounds like a bunch of woo-woo to me.

7 years ago 0

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