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By @Nozinan @Nozinan on 22nd Apr 2015, show post

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YakLord replied

@Hewie Torabhaig would have been nice, but sadly unavailable around these parts. I do like how Talisker has had to shift their branding from 'the only' to 'the oldest' distillery on Skye...

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Hewie replied

Not exactly epic, but I had another fantastic online tasting with my small group of whisky buddies last night. This time Julie sent us 5 blind samples of Scotch whisky (4 single malt and one blended malt) all bottled at 46% +/- 1% ABV. The first task was to assign each one to its correct age bracket. They were up to 7 years (Ardnamurchan AD/01:21.1), 8 – 10 years (Talisker 10), 11 – 12 years (Kilkerran 12), 13 – 15 years (Springbank 15), 16+ years (Douglas Lang Rock Oyster 18). In the first round I had the youngest down as the oldest and the oldest as the youngest!!! I only had one in the correct place. Next she told us the distilleries and in the case of the Rock Oyster what it’s component distilleries are, and we had to assign each sample to the distillery. Lastly the actual bottles used were revealed and we matched them up with our samples - and I finally got them all right!
Obviously, none of these were very old whiskies but we were all amazed just how tough it is to judge their age. One of the key aspects I was using was mouthfeel but that is not conclusive (as my mix-up between the oldest and youngest showed). Spirit in an active cask can take on a lot of cask influence in a short amount of time whereas in a well-used, older cask it may mature for a long time with little obvious cask influence. Other learnings: the Talisker 10 was lovely and why haven’t I bought a bottle for years? The Ardnamurchan punches well above its weight. I would have been disappointed if I had bought that Rock Oyster 18 – it was very spirity and youthful for its age. All in all another fun time was had with plenty of laughter.

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BlueNote replied

@Hewie The best sound in the world is laughter. laughing


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paddockjudge replied

@Hewie, blind tastings are a blast! The great equalizer, and humbling. I'm a big fan, some people, not so much.

When my son, now 26, lived with me, I would do 1 or 2 blinds per week. From the 150 open bottles in my cabinet, he would pour 3 or 4. I was given 15 minutes to write down my guesses. It initially began with 1, then 2, and eventually more. He would take delight in my failed guesses. Many times I would correctly identify his selections. It was often an exercise in humility for me. I learned, over time, to trust my instincts. I did hundreds of these, always entertaining, never boring.

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Victor replied

@paddockjudge the last two times I have hosted group tastings I have done blind tastings from beginning to (almost) end, not just whiski tasting, everything spirits tasting. I was very pleased to see that the participants loved it, trying to figure out the category of alcohol being served and to try to identify more specific identifiers. The emphasis here is always, "Experience it for yourself and see what you find out!"

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