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By @Nozinan @Nozinan on 22nd Apr 2015, show post

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Nozinan replied

@YakLord I think those whiskies would make for a great tasting. I also enjoy listening to the Doc, though, like my own lectures, he does tend to be repetitive... What made me balk was the cost. Having owned and opened or tasted all of the spirits on hand, and with the current climate the way it is, I could not do bring myself to do it.

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Had an EPIC tasting on Saturday with a friend. I finally opened one of my Arran single casks. The 3 winners for the day were the G&M Linkwood 15yo (G&M must have sacrificed to the whisky gods for that one, outstanding!), an 11yo Edradour Single Sherry Cask (tasted way older than 11 years) and the pictured Tobermory bottling from the Creative Whisky Company (intense, smoky, peaty, very fruity, complex and balanced. Like if Ardbeg and Talisker had a baby and it got all of their best traits). There was not a bad one in the bunch! Plus my wife made some excellent sugary and chocolaty fruits.

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BlueNote replied

@casualtorture I’m with you on the G&M Linkwood 15. Pretty amazing and only 43%.

Nice spread your wife put on. My eyes went directly to those lemon squares. yum

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RianC replied

@casualtorture - I've just shown my toddler the picture of the fruit platter and he is now demanding repeat views whilst going , 'Ooooohhhhh dat one, dat!'. I think he's a fan - and I hope you saved him some, for all our sakes!?! smile

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@RianC haha, well, I also have a toddler here and she took care of any leftovers unfortunately. Although there weren't many leftovers to begin with.

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