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By @Nozinan @Nozinan on 22nd Apr 2015, show post

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@Nozinan I saw some of the photos online….I was very envious of those gorgeous looking brandies. I suspect if I had easy access to quality brandies (sans dosage or boisé), I’d enjoy it as much or more than many whiskies.

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YakLord replied

The line-up for next Saturday's virtual tasting...

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Nozinan replied

@YakLord You remind me that we had an epic tasting of sorts in Ottawa at the end of October and I have yet to transcribe my rough notes.

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Haven't been as active lately, been super busy with work, kid, and grad school.

BUT, today is our annual Christmas gathering with my whiskey friends. We're combining our stashes, and picking a handful of these to try.

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YakLord replied

Yesterday afternoon's OWG Virtual Tasting, with Scott Fraser of Tomatin. The Cu Bocan 15 year-old Sherry Cask Matured was phenomenal. The Cu Bocan Caribbean Rum Cask Matured was also very good.

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