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Four Roses Single Barrel

Not what i was expecting

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@fredthefrenchReview by @fredthefrench

6th Mar 2013


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Maybe shouldn't have i tasted 4RSB side by side with my beloved Blanton's original, but neither the nose, nor the taste gave to me those richness of aroma and gentle spicy kick Blanton's so elegantly delivers. 4R is a good and gentle dram, but soft, very soft, too soft. It lacks duality,complexity or is that me ? I tell to myself that i should have saved my money for another Blanton's expression (straight from the barrel is in my wish list) And one of these days, i'll taste this Gold Edition that is waiting in my cabinet, just to have the opportunity to say: "Wow" once again...

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valuewhisky commented

FRSB is indeed very different from your typical bourbon profile. I wouldn't say it lacks complexity, but I know what you mean by softness. Much less richness/sweetness than your typical bourbon.

7 years ago 0

fredthefrench commented

You're right, "lack of complexity" maybe not the right words, I'd rather qualify it of "untypical", compared to Blanton's profile which, because this brand was my first experience in bourbon, became my own benchmark. Anyway, I'm conscious that a single tasting is not enough, and i'll have to give 4R a second chance.

7 years ago 0

MyLoSyRo commented

FRSB has been on my short wish list, but based on your assessment I may now pass. Blanton's is also in my cabinet and I don't believe I would want to go softer ( or more "citrus/ floral") for that matter. I have surprisingly been reaching for Ridgemount 1792 all week and growing more fond of it by the night...it's just solidly enjoyable mid- week.

7 years ago 0

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