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Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses - A Chameleon

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@jtotheeshReview by @jtotheesh

2nd Dec 2014


Four Roses Single Barrel
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Still very new to tasting productively. Trying to challenge myself to really report just what I taste and not be swayed by other reviewers/thoughts. So this may be way off. Who knows.

Nose: Immediately notice the cinnamon follwed by extremely sweet, syrupy vanilla, which is indeed the overpowering nose throughout. Some dark cherries as well. Some amount of alcohol vapor as well.

Taste: This whiskey is interesting because I swear every taste is different. On one sip I had a ton of licorice and it tasted on the whole very sour. On another, the transition from the vanilla in the nose led smoothly into something sweet and creamy, perhaps just more vanilla taste. On still a third, it tasted of table pepper and spices that I don't quite know the name of yet in my own palate lexicon. I don't know what to make of this and I'm excited to see what other people make out of the taste on this one.

Finish: Long and warm. Very comforting. Some toffee. Burnt ends.

Overall super enjoyable but mercurial. Every sip is a surprise.

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