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George Dickel Hand Selected Barrel for Seaport W&S

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

5th Feb 2016


George Dickel Hand Selected Barrel for Seaport W&S
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I reviewed a single barrel, cask strength Dickel that was bottled for Premier Wine & Liquors, some years back, and gave it a 91. Like that one, this one is 9 years old, bottled for Seaport W&S, NYC Financial District (a nice little store, I recommend it). I bought it there on my last trip to NYC; they had the actual (empty) barrel in the store!

The colour is a reddish copper. On the nose, subtle hints of maple, mint, wood smoke, creme brûlée and jasmine (!) Dried fruits. Tobacco ash. Water makes things a little smokier. Surprisingly closed, especially as this bottle has been open for about a month. The notes are there, but it takes time for them to reveal themselves.

On the palate there is more mint, peppery spice and Earl Grey (!!) Oily mouthfeel. More herbal than expected, and rather sour (in a good way). Quite oaky, again with that hint of maple. Water changes things, creating more malt and more herbs. Very nice and complex, and more powerful than the gentler nose.

The finish is citrusy with pine needles, fresh cut wood and some nutmeg. Wow this is completely different than the No. 12! Less power but more complex and subtle. But I would be even more wowed if it was able to combine the oomph with the complexities. It is darker than the No. 12 but seems a little gentler. Very interesting - and both are great for different reasons.

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Robert99 commented

@Talexander, this one seems to check all the right boxes: Ash, checked; Tobacco, checked; Tea, checked; Pepper, checked... Maple? Just a hint, ok, checked. The problem with nice review is that you feel you need the reviewed whiskey and you know that your To Get list is getting longer and longer.

Thanks for the store reference. Next time I'm in NY I will certainly pay it a visit.

8 years ago 0

talexander commented

Of course, next time you're in NYC you have to visit Park Avenue Liquor Shop as well!

8 years ago 0

newreverie commented

Excited that I found two bottles of this for $21 each.

8 years ago 0

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