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Getting Creative: Vattings

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By @Victor @Victor on 17th Apr 2011, show post

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MRick replied

@Victor Have you tried putting copper (a shiny new penny?) into a decanter of sulphured whisky? I know some recommend this for wines with the stench from reduction. I’ve never tried it myself.

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Victor replied

@Nozinan I did think of trying out a coffee filter to attempt to filter out the charcoal. I am not a coffee drinker. So I may have some leftover filters in my house, but I have not yet located them. If I can turn some up, I will try one out.

@MRick bravo! You have just described my next planned experiment at sulphur reduction. Copper is what takes sulphur out of distillate during the distillation process, so copper should also bond to sulphur in matured whisky. 51 years ago I kept tropical fish which encountered a parasite, flukes. Copper pennies in the aquarium were a recommended remedy which I tried out then to counter the parasite. I didn't get a cure from the copper, but I was amazed then and now that a few pennies in the drink were reputed to be powerful medicine.

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paddockjudge replied

Life is too short! Winter has served notice and Christmas has passed. Brief days and long cold nights require a remedy capable of bringing a smile to my face and warmth to my core.

This is my favourite whisky, a home vatting of three delightful single malts, perfectly proportioned to deliver the desired escape.

Thanks to @RikS for the inspiration for the creation of “The Dram of Desire”. His detailed description motivated me to prepare his perfect contemplative dram. Although it awaits his approval, I have no doubt it will meet his expectations. My personalized version is slightly less smoky and every bit as dreamy.



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RikS replied

@paddockjudge I'm pretty sure it would be the best I'll ever have tasted... being far away, though, the fact that I made a humble contribution inspiring you to create something which is now giving you joy during Xmas... - that in itself is an absolute delight to read! Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to you, and all the Connosr-ers!

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