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By @Nozinan @Nozinan on 18th Dec 2018, show post

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Nozinan replied

“Don’t give me Whisky” appears to have fallen on deaf ears…

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TracerBullet replied

I picked up a Laphroaig 1815 Legacy and the 2019 Lagavulin 12-Year Natural Cask Strength Special Release. Whisky Santa was kind!

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fiddich1980 replied

This year a Laphroaig 10 Sherry Cask, Alberta Premium Cask Strength batch 3, and numerous samples of whisky were given. I received Glenfarclas 15, in my opinion a solidly, reliable whisky.

Happy Holiday to everyone.

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RianC replied

I usually save a few odds n ends for my Mum but as I'm not seeing her this year I gave them to my brother in law instead. Glen Scotia 15, Jack D SB BP and Wiser's Dissertation -all well received. We gave him a full bottle of Arran 10 too!

Below are all my Xmas spirit gifts in one shot. The Baron, Laffy and the Bunna were gifts to myself - because I'm worth it satisfied The Darroze 30 was a lovely surprise!

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paddockjudge replied

I received an incredibly delicious gift from my lovely bride for Christmas.

Paradigm Spirits Co., Heritage Collection Single Grain Canadian Whisky Cask Strength 19 YO aged in Virgin Oak Barrels #2 Char. Bottle No. 0459

A Red Letter Whisky for A Red Letter Day.

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Wierdo replied

I received a bottle of Old Perth from my wife for Xmas. She asked me for a few suggestions in the £30-40 range and that is what she went for. So a semi-surprise!

It's a blended malt made from 100% Sherry cask matured whiskies from Morrisons indy bottlers. NAS but bottled at 46% NCF and natural colour. For the price a very decent dram.

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TracerBullet replied

Was given a bottle of Benriach The Smoky Ten, Three cask matured 10-year old at 46% ABV.

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BlueNote replied

@TracerBullet I’ve been curious about that one. I’ve had the unpeated triple cask 10 which I thought was pretty decent. Your thoughts on the peated one when you get into it would be appreciated.

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BlueNote replied

One of my malthead friends does a batch of whisky marmalade a couple of times a year. He usually uses good Seville oranges and Ardbeg 10 or Laphroaig Quarter Cask. This year he went with Wee Beastie and it is very tasty on the morning toast. As soon as you take the lid off you get a whiff of the whisky, but it is quite subtle in the taste. His next batch will be with Ledaig 10. Should be interesting.

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