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By @Tom92 @Tom92 on 2nd Sep 2015, show post

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RianC replied

I actually won a couple of these beauties via an on-line/You Tube competition. Arrived over the weekend and have to say they are pretty good. Just a big Glencairn, essentially.

Will probably have to watch my pours though as it's quite deceiving how much you're putting in them. They feel very good in the hand. A sort of half way house between a heavy rocks glass and a Glencairn.


God Bless, STD's heart_eyes

about one month ago 0

dougwatts replied

I just picked up some port sippers as mentioned in an earlier post by @paddockjudge. They certainly look a hoot but drinking from them is not. The funnel is so narrow that you end up tipping the glass too far over to get any volume of spirit through it, resulting in it spilling over the top of the glass onto your face. A more inelegant and disfunctional piece of glsssware I can barely imagine. Highly unsatisfactory. Perhaps I’m paying for choosing a low budget option. Suffice to say I had no opportunity to assess how the glass delivers a different sensory experience relative to any others - I was too busy towelling down to notice.

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paddockjudge replied

@dougwatts, take a hit from the spout!

I warned of the awkward nature when using it as a glass. The flavour doesn't change when using the straw. The top can be used for catching aromas with your nose. Be careful on the uptake, it goes down far too easy.

12 days ago 0

Nozinan replied

@dougwatts I've used this for a Forty Creek Port-matured release. Quite the experience, though I only sipped from the straw...

12 days ago 0

Victor replied

I think that if I owned one of those glasses that I would nick-name it, "the narrow-tailed Platypus".

12 days ago 0

dougwatts replied

Since I’ve stopped trying to pour it out the end of the funnel and instead use it as a straw the old platypus is performing better. Not sure I’ll ever drink whiskey from a straw for anything other than novelty value though.

12 days ago 0

BlueNote replied

@dougwatts Looks more like a bong than a whisky glass.

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GoodVintage replied

Whisky-bong? fearful

11 days ago 1Who liked this?

RianC replied

@GoodVintage - I once knew someone who drank the water from a well-used bong . . . it didn't stay down long!

Now, if the liquid was whisky . . . grimacing

11 days ago 0


@BlueNote I know, I was just playing on the whisky-spout/whisky-bong theme.

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