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Glen Garioch Founders Reserve

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Glen Garioch Founders Reserve

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Glen Garioch Founders Reserve

Wow at 48% abv this malt packs a punch. Alcohol peppery 3 alarm fire gives way to buttery dry vanilla alchol grainy malty warm dry medium cleam finish.


This is a fairly decent and cost efficient whisky. Glen Garioch does have a semi-limited line here in Canada and is not very well known (Fun Fact-Though it looks like it should be pronounced Glen Gar-ee-ok, it is properly pronounced Glen Gee-ree).

N:A basket of apples, honey and caramel. Vanilla makes it's presence known. Light spice evolves in the glass and gives way to coriander. Unripe green fruit is floating around with the apples which now a poached/caramelized. B:Sparse legs far apart and lots of small beading. The whisky is lightly oiled and seems dark straw in colour. T:Light vanilla and sweetness start on the tip of the tongue with apples and cinnamon following close behind. Pears make a second appearance but sweeter and more ripe, closer to being candied than before. Caramel on the assorted fruit basket appears as well. F:Bitterness, very unripe green fuit with vanilla showing up again but not nearly as sweet. Soon after it develops into bitter dark chocolate.

As explained earlier, a good dram but it has some obvious hinderances. The finish is a bit weak and too bitter to relate to the palate.

Not very complex? This whisky is subtle and ideal for expert drammers. Happily this whisky doesn't taste of peat.

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