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Glen Moray 12 Year Old

Different But Same: Speyside All Over Again.

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@SimeonSanchezReview by @SimeonSanchez

10th Jun 2018


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Though this charming bottle claims American oak aging, it’s all Speyside sweetness on the nose - and with that lovely untamed fruitiness that brings one back to this region, like gooseberries and green apples. This is discovering an unknown Speyside all over again, a Speyburn or a Singleton, a tart, pinching, honey-and-vanilla dram. With a coating of it on my tongue, my initial impressions are simple: beer-barliness, almost a grassiness, a honeyed sweetness. There is also a bitter burning. This may be one of those unruly whiskies that needs a little while in the glass before it is tamed. Further tasting demonstrates that the bitterness does indeed “burn off” with time in the glass, a phenomenon I have noted a few times in the past. It becomes richly fruity, a peach jam or a marmalade on the tongue. With a sticker price the same as far worse whiskies, this is an excellent value and a pretty-looking bottle to boot.

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Robert99 commented

@SimeonSanchez I have noticed that Glen Moray have received more positives reviews lately. They must have changed something because the last time I had that whisky was 18 months ago and it was way to much generic to receive any praise. Can you concurred that it has improved lately?

5 years ago 0

SimeonSanchez commented

@Robert99 I can't really answer that, since this is the first one I've tasted. To my palate, it started rough but became very pleasant. But my reviews tend to lean to the positive side. I can see how some might find it "generic."

5 years ago 0

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