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Glen Moray 12 Year Old

hidden fruit and spice

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fReview by @fishy1oh

12th Nov 2014


Glen Moray 12 Year Old
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as far as speyside malts go this is on the fruitier, sweeter side. it is completely un peated and lacks even the slightest hint of smoke - some may like this but i prefer a strong smoky finish. For a 12 year old it tastes remarkably young almost like an 8 or 10. It is quite light and sweet with a lot of hidden spice, masked by the young, unmatured alcohol taste. on the nose it is; sweet, spicy, and fruity, with hints of white pepper, cinnamon,citrus rind, raw grape (like a cheap white wine) and spiced oak. These aromas are quite complex and very enticing but sadly are drowned by the raw spirit smell. This scotch definitely benefits from some water and about 10 minutes or so to open up in a glass (with a lid of top). On the palate it is again sweet ans spicy, with hints of brown sugar and dried sugar fruits (hard to give an example, but close to dates or dried apricots). Again the rawness and alcohol burn completely dominates this whisky, it is only bottled at 40% so it leaves me to wonder why this spirit taste is so overpowering. The finish is even worse, it leaves behind a note of aniseed, liquorice and pepper. the initial aroma is dominate by raw spirit but after some time it either subsides or you just get used to it, either way it does eventually open up to reveal its dried, dark, sweetness. the development is simple and is yet again masked by immaturity and a poor balance, the finish is short and lets down the balance between spice and sugar. Over all the whisky does have some good points; it is very well balanced with the sweetness of the dries fruits and the refreshing spice of the white pepper and cinnamon. The major factor in its failure is it raw, unmatured and overpowering spirit burn. if you do happen to have this bottle i recommend adding a medium amount of water (more than you usually put) and let it sit in a covered glass for 10 - 15 minutes. on a side note i found the glen moray classic (non age statement) to be of a better quality is also slightly cheaper.

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